Main Course


Spinach fettucine with pink shrimps and corn sauce 24 $
Vegetarian platter

28 $

Les Menus~Plaisirs platter: filet mignon, lobster tail au gratin, risotto, shoestring fries and béarnaise

55 $

 Chefs Surprise for TWO on platter

80 $

Walleye fillet...(grilled or poached)
(Choice of sauce: herbs or meunière)
30 $
Vegetarian platter at your choice

23 $

Salmon pavé, citrus sauce 26 $
Grilled scallops onlemon celeriac puree with sea urchin sauce 45 $
Grain fed poultry supreme, brie cheese velvet 29 $
Stuffed supreme pheasant with foie gras, earth cherry sauce 42 $
Veal filet stuffed with mushroom and cheddar on lobster risotto, red wine sauce 40 $
Carrabbean spice pork flanc, mango salsa 38 $
Maple duck supreme, sauce of brie 33 $
Rack of lamb of Quebec with St-François goat cheese 53 $
Ostrich thigh fan with creamy raspberry and mustard sauce 54 $
Grilled beef flank steak, shallot jam 34 $
Steak, fries and salad, choice of sauce 28 $
Filet mignon Angus and vegetables 
(choice of sauce: pepper, mushroom, blue cheese )
45 $

Price subject to change.

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